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vent info

539241964_Inactive, Nov 24, 07 1:16 PM.
Vent server information:
port: 3784
password: cake

Illhoof down!

539241964_Inactive, Nov 18, 07 9:02 PM.
Tonight we had our first kill on Illhoof.  Congradulations to all that were involved.  Again, I forgot to take a picture like I was supposed.  To make up for it, I have finally posted the photo of me pretending to be Aran, who I also forgot to take a photo of.  I swear next week, I'll get all the screen shots.  Promise.

edit:  Forgot to mention illhoof was a one shot.  How cool are we?

Brand new look!

539241964_Inactive, Nov 15, 07 9:06 PM.
Snazzy new look for the site.  Maybe people will use it more, now that it doesn't look so default like.  Maybe we'll even use it to bait us some new members.  We're currently having open recruitment, so if you have interest in joining Chaos Inc, please check out the forums and drop an app.  I would also like to remind everyone to place their vote in the epic Gnoll vs. Murlock poll.


539241964_Inactive, Nov 3, 07 5:08 PM.
Friday night we downed Shade of Aran and made a couple good attempts on Prince.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of Aran, but I have tried to reconstruct the photo as best I can, and that will be uploaded shortly.  Our next scheduled raid will be Sunday (tomorrow), with Prince and Illhoof on the chopping block.

For those that haven't seen it yet, Blizzard has put out a preview of Utgarde Keep, the first of the dungeons for the up coming expansion.  It looks amazing.

More Success

539241637_Inactive, Oct 30, 07 10:50 PM.
Congrats on the start of our second week in KZ!  Our members (and our ZooT friends) are terrific!  Each step through Karazhan is beautiful progress, and a show of great talent and determination on the part of our team members, who are just beginning to learn to work together and, in some cases, are just beginning to learn the encounters. These are only the firsts of great accomplishments to come; let's keep up the hard work and continue having fun as we take on new challenges!
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